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Science for everybody

An Overview of: Cancer as a Metabolic Disease. On the Origin, management and prevention of cancer (140pgs)

By Dr. Thomas Seyfried

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for the medical community & interested citizens

Student Edition: An Overview of: Cancer as a Metabolic Disease. On the Origin (...) & prevention of cancer (300pgs)​

By Dr. Thomas Seyfried

This is the longer version of our summary. It has 2 long interviews more and goes into more details. Specifically, Dr. Seyfried talks a lot more about

  • The biochemistry
  • Big Pharma and their efforts to keep this information down
  • the standard of care
  • cancer in kids
  • the kind of diet and
  • the drugs and treatments that can be used, outside the ketogenic diet approach

The price is only 14,90 dollars! Of which 25% will be donated 🙂