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Yes, you can get these 2 versions of the Summary also as paperback. But: As Big Pharma doesn’t want this information to spread, they managed to kick us off Amazon 2 times already! (The basic 140 page book should have about 150 Reviews already…)

With the reason given “the consumer would confuse it with the original book” – which is of course BS, as the scientific book is 3/4 biochemistry and for cancer researchers only, not for any “normal” person.

That’s why we constantly have to change up the name or title of the book, but as long as there’s a mitochondrion on the title and it’s “by Johnny Rockermeier” and/or “Dr. Thomas Seyfried” it is the real deal. Don’t forget: We have the official permission as Mr. Rockermeier donates regularly!

So we suggest you get the book on The Great British Bookstore – or, if need be, on Amazon.

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